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Translation packages

Check the pricing of our translation packages and choose between our Basic, Standard, Premium, and Sworn translation packages.

Basic package

The most sought-after package for information purposes and simple translations.

It includes:

  • translation
  • quality control (QC)

The Basic package is suitable for:

  • simple translations delivered within 24-48 hours.
  • information on the content of the documentation
  • e-mail correspondence

By ordering this package, your text is sent to our translators, and their translation is then checked by our Translation Project Manager.

Standard package

The standard package offers the optimal quality of the delivered translation and includes:

  • translation
  • linguistic review
  • quality control (QC)

The Standard package is suitable for:

  • a high-quality translation of more demanding texts (e.g. technical, medical, marketing, or legal texts)
  •  general translation purposes

By ordering this package, your text is sent to our professional translators, whose translation is then subjected to a linguistic review for both languages, done by another professional translator. Finally, the text undergoes quality control.

Premium package

The premium package provides the best translation service. It is suitable for publishing, and includes:

  • translation
  • bilingual review
  • technical terminology review
  • proofreading
  • quality control (QC)

The Premium package is best suited for:

  • publications of all kinds, or other purposes which require high-quality translations.

This package includes four levels of translation, including professional translation, a linguistic review for both languages, a technical terminology review for the target language, and quality control in accordance with ISO 171000. 

Sworn translation

This package offers sworn translations by a court interpreter and includes:

  • professional translation
  • quality control (QC)
  • an official court interpreter’s certificate

Sworn translations are ordered if:

  • you require an official translation certified by a sworn court interpreter

Sworn translations are legally valid and internationally recognised translations by a sworn court interpreter, who is appointed as an officially authorised interpreter by the competent county court based on his/her professional qualifications and excellent command of both the source and the target languages.

Translatora offers this service in over 20 languages.

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