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Written translations

Accurately conveying the intended message in writing requires careful attention to detail, as well as being able to understand the concept of the text. This is what makes our translations stand out from the rest, and how we at Translatora produce translations of the highest quality.

We have got a large team of translators on file, each one with full professional proficiency or native command of the languages required, and our selection process is based on our translators’ experience in the professional field our clients require

We provide written translation services in the following fields:


Technical documentation

translation of technical material (instructions, manuals, etc.) for industrial, construction, electronic, and ICT companies.


Legal translations

we translate legal documentation such as court orders, judgements, decisions, notary public statements, collective agreements, etc. for numerous notary public and law offices.

Medical translations

we translate a wide range of medical documentation such as lab results, physician reports, hospital discharge summaries, and medical histories for clients requiring treatment abroad.

Marketing and PR translations

we translate a wide range of marketing and PR texts such as brochures, leaflets, campaigns, reports, specifications, and websites for several PR agencies.


Official documents

we translate diplomas, graduation certificates, professional training certificates, certificates of citizenship, marriage certificates, birth and death certificates, criminal record certificates (certificates of good conduct), permanent residency certificates, driver’s licences, powers of attorney, proof of income, certificates of tax residency status, etc. If the notary public is not familiar with the target language, our translator signs an affidavit in his or her presence, verifying the translation’s equivalence to the original. Our clients include individuals wishing to marry residents of other countries and require documentation issued by the Ministry of the Interior. We also translate these documents from and into the languages of your choice.


Specialist literature

we translate books covering a wide range of topics, including alternative medicine, business, and economy.

Business and financial translations

we translate annual balance sheets, financial statements, audit reports, etc. for numerous clients requiring such documentation for international business.

Types of translation

Do you require a written translation, a sworn translation, or interpreting services? We are here to meet all your needs.

Written translations

We provide written translation services, from/into more than 20 languages, of all types of texts from all fields – law, technology, medicine, construction, IT, etc. The importance of high-quality translations is crucial in achieving the goals desired – since, in this context, mutual understanding is a prerequisite for success.

Sworn translations

With a court interpreter's certificate, a sworn translation is an official and legally valid translation of a document. A court interpreter is a translator appointed by the competent county court as an officially authorised interpreter, based on his/her professional qualifications and excellent command of both the source and the target languages.


Professional interpreting contributes to the quality of business communication. Professional translation enables the client to find a common language with foreign business partners and helps him/her to truly achieve the desired results through quality communication. You can choose between consecutive, simultaneous, or chuchotage interpreting services.

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