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Interpreting Services

Professional interpreting contributes to the quality of business communication. The importance of quality translations is crucial in achieving desired goals, as in this regard, understanding is a prerequisite of success. Professional translations enable our clients to find a common language with their foreign business partners and help them achieve their desired results through quality communication.

Additional conditions
  • Interpreting service must be ordered at least seven working days prior to the interpreting.
  • For the sake of quality translation, we require a sample of the text or topic, as well as a text about the company and its business at least five working days before translation.
  • Other conditions, such as the cost of renting equipment, travel expenses, and accommodation costs for the translators, as well as the conditions of cancelling the ordered translation, are negotiated in accordance with the request.

Consecutive interpreting

Oral translation in which the interpreter translates consecutively when the speaker finishes his/her speech in full or in short paragraphs. Consecutive interpreting is used for small conferences, presentations, business meetings, court or notary public hearings, study tours, etc., and can be performed by a single translator or a pair of translators, depending on the complexity of the presentation and the duration of the event.  This sort of translation is usually used without any technical equipment, but for long paragraphs, a special memory support method of note-taking is used, and for study tours, Tour Audio Guide equipment is used for groups of invited guests.


Simultaneous interpreting

Oral translation in which the interpreters listen to and translate the speaker’s speech at the same time. Simultaneous translation involves at least two interpreters who work alternately in 30-minute shifts in soundproof booths, equipped with special simultaneous interpreting equipment. This sort of translation is recommended for conferences, congresses, symposia, or presentations with more than 50 participants/visitors.


Chuchotage (whispered interpreting)

The presentation is interpreted simultaneously, so there is no loss of time as in the case of Consecutive interpreting but is performed without any technical equipment. It is usually used for gatherings attended by only one or two people unfamiliar with the language of the performance so that they can follow the presentation or discussion, and possibly make their contribution with the help of Consecutive interpreting. Chuchotage is used as an alternative to simultaneous or Consecutive interpreting, and only for very short gatherings.

Types of translation

Do you require a written translation, a sworn translation, or interpreting services? We are here to meet all your needs.

Written translations

We provide written translation services, from/into more than 20 languages, of all types of texts from all fields – law, technology, medicine, construction, IT, etc. The importance of high-quality translations is crucial in achieving the goals desired – since, in this context, mutual understanding is a prerequisite for success.

Sworn translations

With a court interpreter's certificate, a sworn translation is an official and legally valid translation of a document. A court interpreter is a translator appointed by the competent county court as an officially authorised interpreter, based on his/her professional qualifications and excellent command of both the source and the target languages.


Professional interpreting contributes to the quality of business communication. Professional translation enables the client to find a common language with foreign business partners and helps him/her to truly achieve the desired results through quality communication. You can choose between consecutive, simultaneous, or chuchotage interpreting services.

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