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The Translatora translation agency offers language services in the most widely used world languages and the most frequently required areas of translation:

Sworn translations

We offer sworn translation services from/into over 20 languages. With a court interpreter’s certificate, a sworn translation is an official and legally valid translation of a document. A court interpreter is a translator appointed by the competent county court as an officially authorised interpreter, based on his/her professional qualifications and excellent command of both the source and the target languages.

Written translations

We provide written translation services, from/into more than 20 languages, of all types of texts covering areas such as – law, technology, marketing&PR, medicine, construction, finance, etc. The importance of high-quality translations is crucial to achieving the goals desired – since, in this context, mutual understanding is a prerequisite for success.

Interpreting services

Professional interpreting contributes to the quality of business communication. Professional translation enables the client to find a common language with foreign business partners and helps him/her to truly achieve the desired results through quality communication. You can choose between consecutive, simultaneous, or chuchotage interpreting.


Translation of official documents

Translations of diplomas, graduation certificates, professional training certificates, certificates of citizenship, marriage certificates, birth and death certificates,  certificates of good conduct, permanent residency certificates, driver’s licences, powers of attorney, proof of income, certificates of tax residency status, etc.

Translation of technical documentation

Translations of medical documentation (medical certificates, discharge summaries, medical history, etc.), company documentation (financial statements, collective agreements, certificates, articles of association, extracts from the register), legal documentation (orders, claims, judgements, etc.), and technical documentation (reports, instructions, manuals, catalogues, etc.)

Localization of web content and marketing texts

Translations of websites, promotional material, brochures, Google AdWords campaigns, various reports, news articles, etc.


Basic package

The most sought-after package for information purposes and simple translations. It includes:

  • translatio
  • quality control (QC)

Standard package

The standard package offers the optimal quality of the delivered translation and includes:

  • translation
  • linguistic review
  • quality control (QC)

Premium package

The premium package provides the best translation service. It is suitable for publishing, and includes:

  • translation
  • bilingual review
  • technical terminology review
  • proofreading
  • quality control (QC)

Sworn translation package

This package offers sworn translations by a court interpreter and includes:

  • professional translation
  • quality control (QC)
  • an official court interpreter’s certificate





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